Building Queer Futures of Difference | an online conversation

On June 4th, The Nest Collective received guests and friends in the online conversation 'Building Queer Futures of Difference'. Stroom Den Haag invited The Hague based the performance artist Fazle Shairmahomed, alongside two local organizations Beuys Bois and The Hang-Out 070. From Kenya, there were more surprise guests. The conversation was facilitated by artists, performers and curators Yun Lee and Rae Parnell. We're very thankful for everyone who joined this talk!


Sunny Dolat presents Nanga: Future Textile Heritages

On June 2nd, Sunny Dolat presented his multifaceted project 'Nanga: Future Textile Heritages'. Watch the presentation on Stroom's Youtube channel:

What does the lack of a textile heritage mean for a people? Does Kenya have a truly indigenous textile? The Maasai shuka, can be traced back to Scottish (tartan), the khanga to the Portuguese (lenço) and the kikoy to the Omani.
Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 19.21.01
'Nanga' explores textiles as a tether, through which a people are anchored in their cultural heritage. In interrogating Kenya's textile history, Dolat explores the connection between the country's textile history and their identity crisis. The project looks at traditional African textile histories and material cultures as a base, with the ambition of developing ritual textiles and motif templates to create new Kenyan and African prints on sustainable textiles.
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He spoke live on Zoom (June 2nd, 2021) in conversation with Ludmila Rodrigues, who hosted The Nest Collective at Stroom Den Haag.

Njoki Ngumi presents 'What We Left Behind'

On May 26th, Njoki Ngumi shared her process of quilting a tapestry in ‘What We Left Behind’ (formerly announced as "What We Saw"). Within Material Languages, Njoki took on the task of processing of a raw textile, through manual dyeing, cutting and hand stitching, into a quilted tapestry piece, as an exercise in processing trauma and grief.

With contributions by the members of the Nest Collective, Njoki pays homage to, and reflects on, in her own capacity, the use of textile work as an exploration on collective memory-making, archival work and meditation.


Dr. Njoki Ngumi is an artist, writer and feminist thinker who has held positions in private and public health care sectors in Kenya. She is a member of the Nest Collective and coordinates learning and development for HEVA Fund.

The window display is up

Stroom is exhibiting the nine textiles printed at House of U as a window display for the passersby. Due to corona measures, we are not able to open to the public. So the window view allows us to share the project, including a video screen and texts. The visual identity was designed by Zuza Zgierska. With thanks to Johan van Gemert and Marieke Klos for the set up.

Stroom facade Nest

Stroom Facade Part 2 Nest

Stroom meets HEVA Fund

Heva x Stroom eXchange 18 mei 2021

Today we held the knowledge exchange meeting between Stroom and HEVA Fund, an initiative by The Nest Collective – Africa’s first dedicated finance, business support and knowledge facility for creative industries – operating in Kenya and abroad.

The idea for this meeting emerged after we've learned that HEVA operates in an analogous way as Stroom, in face of many differences, in Nairobi.
Next to funding, they also provide training, workshops (some specifically for women) and business advise to a variety of creative practitioners working in fashion, film, digital creation, gaming, live music, festivals, design, tourism, craft, food and cultural infrastructure.

In April-May 2020 they quickly put together the 'COVID-19 Resilience' report in response to the impact of the pandemic on the cultural sector.

Visit also:

Kick-off Our House Your Home: The Nest Collective at Stroom

On Tuesday, May 11th at 11:00 (The Hague) and 12:00 (Nairobi), we received Njoki, Sunny and Jim in our virtual space to kickoff their 'occupation' of Our House Your Home. Stroom's new artistic director, Alexandra Landré, welcomed The Nest in her second day (!) present at Stroom.

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 11.33.18

Here we are, eight months through our hybrid experiment. In September last year we hoped Jim, Sunny and Njoki would be here this spring. So much has happened since then!

Today we are still united through our cameras and screens; venturing into another month of online engagement and co-learning. Our House your Home became a virtual space. Through this space we will experiment with more gatherings bridging The Hague and Nairobi, connecting Stroom to The Nest, and to the public at large, finding commonalities in the multitude of differences, learning on the go.

In the meantime, we were all scattered in the Netherlands too, working from our homes very often. This remote working added an extra challenge to the already experimental nature of this program. Working from our living rooms and studios, peeping into each other intimate spaces, we have adapted ourselves, with all its coziness and awkwardness. All this remote communication demanded a high degree of generosity, in writing, listening and attending to each other.

The textile project initiated up by The Nest Collective in the light of Our House your Home, aims for a material language, a tactile, woven medium that can embody their many questions. Jim Chuchu said a year ago, in times of pandemic, products and samples can still travel, while bodies cannot. Our guests make themselves present at Stroom today through their extensive research. Their new printed fabrics and videos will occupy our space, before flying to Kenya and arriving at the local market. It was my privilege and my pleasure to follow your process closely, meeting you every other week, getting to know you, during the lonnng Dutch winter.

Thanks everyone who joined the kickoff today. May we take a beautiful journey this month.

First edition of Nandi Flame sold out

The first 100m of the Nandi Flame textile was sold out in four hours yesterday in Nairobi! Sunny is experimenting with how the new patterns are received in the local market, inviting the public to share their creations with The Nest Collective.

Nanga Nairobi-01+(1)

"We’re incredibly excited to present his first launch from Nanga: A print named 'Nandi Flame', illustrated by graphic designer and illustrator Monica Obaga, and inspired by the ubiquitous and lovely Nandi Flame tree, also commonly known as the African Tulip tree."

This limited first run of Nandi Flame was available for purchase (@ KES 600 per metre) at The Textile Loft, in Nairobi. Read more on:

A Machine Dreams of African Print

New patterns that Jim Chuchu has been brewing for a while, are now on the way to being printed on textiles by House of U again. We can't wait to see the outcome in a couple of weeks! Read more about the project on their website: