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The Nest/HEVA's resilience strategies

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In April-May 2020, the HEVA Fund – an initiative founded by some of The Nest folks – published the COVID-19 Resilience Report. This valuable study, put together in such a short time, points out options and strategies for the Creative Industry active in Kenya, providing expert's insight into where it's viable to grow in the sector, with a view on understanding the impact (short, medium, and long-term) of the pandemic.

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"In response to the COVID-19 pandemic being declared a national emergency, we examined how to adhere to social distancing as a team, to enhance safety for our beneficiaries and our wider ecosystem, while ensuring that we still remain available for wider sector work, especially at this time. 

In this light, we sought to understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic through a needs analysis exercise, which generated responses from 510 creative and cultural industry practitioners throughout Kenya. We compiled and analysed this information, and began our thinking into some strategies for the sector. We shared these findings with a diverse group of 21 industry leaders from varied sub-sectors who gave their comments, critiques and insights. This same group then validated the final analysis. We remain grateful to each and every person who contributed in these substantive ways to this publication."


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Download the report in PDF here.
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