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Njoki Ngumi's article in The Correspondent

Imagining a queer nation and future heritages through textiles


A conversation between artists Jim Chuchu, Sunny Dolat and Nikkie Wester, held online on October 23rd, 2020. Sunny Dolat and Nikki Wester met in 2019, while both were participating in the N'Golá Biennial (São Tomé e Príncipe).

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In this conversation Sunny shared about the current collaboration between The Nest Collective with designers Monica Obaga and Lulu Kitololo from Kenya, who are commissioned to develop new patterns for sustainable textile prints focusing on the Kenyan market.

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Nikki Wester is a conceptual designer based in Amsterdam. Nikki's project 'Future Heritage' is a strategical approach for designing new textiles.

The paradoxical word-choice of Future Heritage is one that triggers and stimulates creative thinking. The word combination sounds recognizable, although it speaks about something that is still to be. Inspired by cultural heritage and its rich history, I do not see this as something unassailable. Instead, I am aware that every passing generation has contributed to shaping the current cultural heritage.

With this realization comes freedom of possibilities, where the current generation gets empowered to add their individuality to the existing culture to create future heritage.

All the future heritage projects start with the following question:

‘How do you want to be remembered?’