Kenya's identity through dress

Studying the quilt

Njoki NgumiNjoki Ngumi has come aboard of Our House your Home since January. Dr. Njoki Ngumi is an artist, writer and feminist thinker who has held positions in private and public health care sectors in Kenya. As a Nest founding member, she has been co-writer, screenwriter and script supervisor for several of Nest's film works, and is currently expanding her filmmaking practice as co-director of The Feminine and The Foreign. Her keen eyes and ears are a critical component of the collective’s post-production process, as well as its strategic and research outputs. In addition, she coordinates the Nest's external collaborative projects, and serves as programs and strategy lead at sister-company HEVA.

Njoki has visited Stroom before and kept in touch throughout 2020, and early this year she has decided to actively contribute with a performative research on textile symbols, more precisely, the quilt. Njoki is examining our multiple relationships with garments and wants to bridge the material research with the ritualistic aspects started off by Jim and Sunny. She takes the quilts as study case, as a tangible collection of shared memories, intentionalities and togetherness. They usually are crafted by friends or relatives – always unique pieces – and given as a protective gift, taking spiritual meaning, mysticism and personal value, that is exclusively lived in the intimacy of home. Quilts are modular and carry the notion of collective intention, a craft brought by a group, in the making and in the gesture of offering to someone – it materializes togetherness. The intentionality is stored in the fibers and in the sense of protection that the owner will carry with.


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25th January 2021 – Online meeting with (from left to right): Sunny Dolat, Ludmila Rodrigues, Njoki Ngumi and Jim Chuchu


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