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On April 8th The Nest had an online conversation with Fazle Shairmahomed, Dutch performance artist, dancer and activist, creator of contemporary rituals of decolonization. We navigated through the intersecting issues of identity, queerness, blackness. Sunny spoke about the tension and struggles of the African diaspora for reconciliation, a vision of global blackness.

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Njoki mentioned that her quilt project is morphing to a tapestry, which she's developing in collaboration with other local artists. In relation to Jim's work within the Nest, as well as his research on generative patterns and Fazle's performances, we discussed the issue of authorship – how nuanced it is when working within a collective. Fazle has recently created a performance, Analemma, with five other makers-dancers-performers, with whom the whole creation was discussed thoroughly – according to him, often a time-consuming and emotionally-loaded process, but nonetheless essential to his works.

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Damani Leidsman, counselor, community builder, with a background in vocal performance, dance and natural sciences, also quickly jumped in, as Fazle was preparing to work with him at CLOUD studio, in The Hague.

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Fazle acknowledges the hybrid realities of multicultural Dutch citizens, who are often working on their diverse roots. A history often rooted in colonialism. He shared the trailers of his last productions: Umad (2020) and Analemma (2021). Watch the promo of Analemma:



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