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Stroom meets HEVA Fund

Heva x Stroom eXchange 18 mei 2021

Today we held the knowledge exchange meeting between Stroom and HEVA Fund, an initiative by The Nest Collective – Africa’s first dedicated finance, business support and knowledge facility for creative industries – operating in Kenya and abroad.

The idea for this meeting emerged after we've learned that HEVA operates in an analogous way as Stroom, in face of many differences, in Nairobi.
Next to funding, they also provide training, workshops (some specifically for women) and business advise to a variety of creative practitioners working in fashion, film, digital creation, gaming, live music, festivals, design, tourism, craft, food and cultural infrastructure.

In April-May 2020 they quickly put together the 'COVID-19 Resilience' report in response to the impact of the pandemic on the cultural sector.

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